Indian Navrattan Pendant 21 gms

Indian Navrattan Pendant 21 gms


Indian Navrattan pendant dimond 20ct gold real gemstones 21gms

Set with the 9 traditional famous gemstones which astrologically and collectively are considered powerful and aspicious in relation with nine planets powers. The pendant is set with foiled cabochon gemstones of Ruby (sun or surya), Pearl (moon or Chandra), Coral (Mars or Manga), Emerald (Mercury or Budha), yellow Sapphire (Jupiter or Brashpati), Diamond (Venus or Shukla), Blue Sapphire (Saturn or Shani), Hessonite Garnet (Rahu or acending lunar node) and Cats Eye (Ketu or descending Lunar node).According to Vedic astrology the malefic effects of the planets activities can be offset or balanced by the wearing of a navrattan piece of jewellery.Set on the back with foiled rubies and also a hanging ruby bead drop.A new 14 ct gold loop has been attached to the top of the pendant to allow a chain (traditionally these pendants were worn with a silk thread plaited necklace)Very good vintage condition - bright happy stones which are between 0.50 - 0.60 cts including the rose cut polki diamond at the top.


Size excluding top loop - 5 cms. Weight - 21.5 gms. Cat 2854/qzu 

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