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Georgian 15ct Rose Gold Intaglio Ring Double Sided

Georgian 15ct Rose Gold Intaglio Ring Double Sided


Rare late 18th or early 19th century intaglio seal ring made in 18ct rose gold (unmarked as is usual but fully tested and guaranteed ). The rose gold later added shank has a double sided seal, one intaglio in white agate and one in banded red and white. The latter with the Latin inscription “ PALMAN QUI MERUIT FERAT” translates as “ Let he who merits the palm possess it “ or “ If you wish to gain recognition then work hard for it” or more loosely “ Let the best man win”


In ancient Sparta the symbol of a palm frond was awarded for achievement or merit. In later Roman lines that symbol was changed to the famous laurel wealth.


This is also the motto of HORATIO NELSON, viscount and British naval hero who distinguishes himself in the napolenonic wars, and who added this motto to his coat of arms in 1798. Possible makers mark (but difficult to decipher)on side of seal.


Excellent condition - excellent good strong gold work and shank.


Size seal - 1.8 x 1.5 cms. Shank - T or U ( USA approx 10) can be made bigger/smaller.


Weight - 12.6 gms.  Cat # 3072/qucx.